Knowledge Organisers


Knowledge Organisers are a key component of our outstanding curriculum provision.

Students receive a Knowledge Organiser three times a year, for each of the five years they spend learning at our School.

A Knowledge Organiser contains all of the key learning students study, in each subject, throughout their time at Trafalgar.  These 'textbooks' are written and developed by their teachers and published by our school.  They provide a physical link between the classroom and home.

Students use them to support a variety of teaching approaches:

  • Support for revision and home learning

  • Pre-learning knowledge before deepening their understanding in the classroom

  • Support to catch up on work missed through absence

  • Used in the classroom to aid them in extended writing and practical learning

As well as Knowledge Organisers providing support to students, they also support parents in giving them the overview to help and test their child at home.

Click on the links below to view and download the Knowledge Organisers.

Terms 1 & 2
Terms 1 & 2
Terms 1 & 2
Terms 1 & 2
Terms 1 & 2