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Behaviour for Learning

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Our Academic Standards

In order for students to be the very best in school and be empowered in life, we work with our students on their academic habits.  We report to students and parents against these standards regularly, through our reporting systems.

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An Outstanding Student always

Arrives ready and prepared to learn, with all necessary equipment

Self-regulates their behaviour and maintains a high level of concentration

Is attentive.  Listens actively to the teacher and to peers

Can think and act for themselves - is not over-reliant on the teacher

Has a positive attitude to lessons, showing interest and enthusiasm

Participates fully in lessons, both in written work, practical learning and discussion

Perseveres and doesn't give up, demonstrates resilience

Completes their best work, first time.  Leaves no gaps

Actively engages in improving their work and performance, sets themselves aspirational goals

Completes homework to the required standard, they may often go above and beyond.

Behaviour Process

We expect the highest standards of behaviour at The Trafalgar School.  Our Code of Conduct reinforces, in a clear and simple way, what we expect from our students.

The strength of the behaviour at our school is based on strong student-teacher relationships.  All teachers are expected to develop effective relationships based on their knowledge and understanding of students and their specific abilities or needs.  All teachers use seating plans to ensure all students engage equally in lessons.

Student behaviour should not interrupt the learning of other students and should allow the lesson to progress without interruption.  Behaviour which disrupts the lesson, or slows learning, is sanctioned.  This is rare!

We take our responsibilities regarding behaviour very seriously.  Our duty is to educate our students to be adults who will contribute positively to society and knowing the ingredients of good behaviour and being able to enact them, is a major part of this.

Our approach can be seen in more detail in our Behaviour Policy.

Behaviour is the mirror in which we can display our image.

Mahatma Gandhi

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