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House System

We are very proud of our House system at Trafalgar.  Each student is assigned to a House on their entry to the school.  There are six Houses, each named after notable places local to the school:  Breamore, Clarendon, Longford, Pembroke, Radnor and Wick.  The Houses, through their Tutors and Heads of House, support students both academically and pastorally.

Form Tutors stay with their group as they move through the school.  This enables Tutors to build up a close rapport with students, parents and carers.  Inter-House competition is encouraged and celebration is a huge focus of the work of the House.

Each House assembles once a week and this provides an opportunity for both attainment and achievement to be celebrated.  In addition, Tutors perform the valuable role of challenging and mentoring their Tutees academically.

Click below to find out more about each House.


Welcome to Breamore House!

In Breamore, every student is expected to do their bit and participate in the many House events that run throughout the year, whether it be our Inter-House sports events, the House Music Festival or the Maths Challenge.  These are great opportunities to showcase all of the various talents we have in Breamore.

As Head of Breamore, I do all that I can, along with the great Tutor team, to make sure your children are happy in school and have all they need to achieve their true potential, while they are with us.

Our standards are high and all Breamore students are expected to look their best, try their hardest and treat others with respect.  I am very proud to represent such a talented and hard-working group of students.

Emma Russell, Head of Breamore House


Welcome to Clarendon House!

I am always proud of the students need to help others, their commitment to working and the progress they achieve.  We really have caring and hardworking students making up the Clarendon team.  After last year's success of raising money for the STARS Appeal, we have this year made our focus The National Autistic Society, raising money that will help to educate and support people with Autism.  Not just in our school, but all over the country.

As Head of Clarendon, I look forward to working closely with all those in my House and expect 100% effort from all involved - including myself.  It is expected that being a part of Clarendon means you work to the best of your ability in all aspects and do not quit.

Working alongside me are my fantastic team of Tutors, Year 11 Prefects and Year 10 Vice Prefects.

Craig Rowland, Head of Clarendon House

Clarendon (2).jpg

Welcome to Longford House!

We are a pride of lions - from our cubs in Year 7 to our strong and supportive leaders in Year 11.

We are:

  • Respectful of everyone in their opinions and beliefs;

  • fearless in the face of challenge;

  • limitless in our aspirations;

  • resilient when faced with setbacks or disappointments;

  • supportive to those in need.

As Head of Longford Lions I am proud of what they achieved for our charity last year: the Joseph Landon Foundation raising over £2,000 to help Joe (son of Mr Landon) who suffered irreparable brain damage following being knocked off his bicycle just before his 17th birthday.  This year we voted to support Medical Detection Dogs.

We have a diverse and amazing range of talents among our pride.

Longford tutor team, along with our Prefects help to make Longford a truly happy, supportive and inspirational House to be a member of.

Verity Taylor, Head of Longford House


Welcome to Pembroke House!

We started last year sharing the success of raising money for The Paim Brown Children's Cancer Ward at Southampton Hospital, giving us an understanding of how we can help others.  We have made this year's focus Salisbury Hospice, aiming to raise money for the patients in their care.

Pembroke House is a very close-knit community, full of students who strive to achieve their very best.  Each day when they come to school Pembroke students aspire to: think before they speak and look before they leap; strive for the very best in everything they do; be kind, considerate and a fierce friend to those around them; lead when others follow; is someone whose behaviour is unfalteringly good: with no exceptions.

If you think you demonstrate these qualities, perhaps Pembroke is for you!

Jane Uncles, Head of Pembroke House

Wix Column.jpg

Welcome to Radnor House!

In Radnor House we pride ourselves on our resilience and our ability to support one another.  We are committed to being the best that we can be, in everything that we do.  Through assemblies and tutor time students learn how to be active and responsibilities citizens, both of the school and the wider community and we share our successes in order to inspire others.

Charity fundraising is a large part of our House activities.  Last year we raised £2,875 for The John McNeill Opportunity Centre.  This year our students have chosen Julia's House.  I am incredibly proud to the be the head of Radnor House and what strikes me the most about my Radnorites is that they recognise and value the work of charities and the impact it has on people less fortunate than themselves.

As Head of House I am lucky to have a fantastic team of Tutors who regularly go above and beyond, in order to support and motivate their tutees.  

Matt Williams, Head of Radnor House

WIck Stag.png

Welcome to Wick House!

Just like the dear our House emblem - 'we are intuitive and self-ware.  We appreciate our surroundings'.

We might be the newest House but don't underestimate us.  Students in Wick are kind and warm hearted.  A kind caring nature typifies a Wick student.  Wick students are the embodiment of The Trafalgar School Values.

This years chosen charity is the Rosebud Foundation founded by a previous teacher in the school Fliss Minshall, Wick House are working hard on raising money for this worthy cause.  I know Wick students will do all they can to offer their support to this charity.

In September we shall be represented in Years 7, 8, 10 & 11.  Our House (herd) is growing and with it an even greater sense of community.

Kaye Harrison, Head of Wick House

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