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The Senior Leadership Team

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Jonathan Curtis

Director of Education MLP


Jonny Cole

Acting Headteacher


Rachael Faulkner

Deputy Headteacher


Phil Sutton

Assistant Headteacher


Gilly Jackson

Assistant Headteacher


Matt Williams

Associate SLT


Jonny Cole, Acting Headteacher


Being Acting Headteacher of this amazing school is both a privilege and a great responsibility.  I am responsible for the quality of our Curriculum and Teaching & Learning; this includes all aspects of a student's journey through our school, each day, over time.

The curriculum is vital to student success and we work hard to make sure qualifications are well suited to students and lead them onto their desired Post-16 provider.  I also coordinate student Option choices in Year 9.

Teaching & Learning is at the core of the day to life at The Trafalgar School.  I visit lessons regularly, engage with the latest thinking across education and pedagogy and work to disseminate this through the teachers at the school.

I addition, I am the Senior Leadership Team line lead for Mathematics, Music, Art and Drama.

Rachael Faulkner, Deputy Headteacher

Looking after our children is a real privilege which I enjoy every day.  I see my  pastoral role as ensuring the children feel loved, cared for and supported to become the best version of themselves.  We try to remove any barriers to learning and to work with all of our families to give the children a consistent and enjoyable school experience.  We look to educate the whole child and make them able to go out into wider society to have a life fulfilled.  Being a key person in their school journey is such an amazing gift every day – I am so lucky to work at a school which understands the importance of care and love to a child and I work hard very day to maintain with this with my very strong pastoral team of Heads of House and tutors.

I have overall responsibility for the pastoral care of our students via the Heads of House and Tutors, along with oversight of the Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) team, primary transition, attendance, behaviour and rewards, safeguarding and child protection and student mental health and wellbeing.  I am also our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).


In addition, I am the Senior Leadership Team line lead for PSHCE.


Phil Sutton, Assistant Headteacher


I have responsibility for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of staff which includes INSET days, ongoing coaching & development of teachers, support staff development, new teaching staff induction and developing new teachers through School Direct, PGCE and ITT.


I am also responsible for developing our Co-curriculum which encompasses Homework and Remote Learning alongside our extra-curricular provision, trips and visits. I also co-ordinate Careers and Post-16 transition & tracking.


In addition, I am the Senior Leadership Team line-lead for English, Geography, History, BVT, Modern Forein Languages, PE and Literacy across the curriculum.

Gilly Jackson, Assistant Headteacher

I joined The Trafalgar School in September 2016 and I have responsibility for student progress and standards.  This incorporates target setting, assessment, reporting and examinations.  I am also responsible for Pupil Premium and intervention.

In addition, I am the Senior Leadership Team line lead for Science and Computing.


Matt Williams, Associate Senior Leader


I joined the school in 2019 as a Modern Foreign Languages Teacher and Head of Radnor House.  Within the Senior Leadership Team,  I am responsible for student Transition and Admissions, ensuring this process is seamless. 

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