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Teaching of the highest quality is what we do well at Trafalgar.  As teaching professionals, we pride ourselves on both the quality of our classroom practice and our determination to be the very best through continuing professional development.  

Our school strategic aims are:

  • To share a passion for our subjects and a love of life and each other so that it inspires others

  • Developing 'academic habits' so that all students become highly effective people

  • Delivering a curriculum that is knowledge rich and secured through application so that all students can both develop and demonstrate their understanding and capability

  • Providing teaching (and assessment) of the highest quality so that it motivates, stimulates, builds confidence and ultimately enables students to think and act for themselves

Alongside great teaching professionals, we are lucky to work with an army of classroom support staff from Teaching Assistants to specialist technicians who work alongside the teachers and students.


Teacher knowledge and expertise is a highly valued strength at Trafalgar ...

Jonny Cole, Deputy Headteacher & Lead for Teaching & Learning

In order for 'quality first teaching' to be consistent across the school, we have developed (in partnership with other professionals across the Magna Learning Partnership) a set of Principles of Teaching.  Teacher knowledge and expertise is a highly valued strength at Trafalgar which is shared through precise, targeted questioning and delivery of knowledge or information to students.   This is also a chance for teachers to assess students skills/knowledge/learning.

Teachers will model examples so that students know what success looks like and ensure that an appropriate level of challenge is set for all students.  Most lessons will include time for students to independently practice and embed skills, knowledge and understanding and also time where teachers can support individual students.

Purposeful, clearly defined, time limited work may be planned where this is considered to be more effective than working independently.

Teachers' planning includes ensuring that Learning is set at an appropriate level/pace/depth that promotes progress for all students.  At Trafalgar classes are organised in predominantly mixed-ability groups where students of all abilities are fully engaged and involved in lessons and have access to the full range of levels and opportunities.

Principles of Teaching

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