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Support Staff 2023 - 2024

SEND Support Team

Mrs Sarah Burley:  SENDCo

Mrs Jane Waterfall:  Assistant to the SENDCo

Teaching Assistants

Mr Ben Brown

Mr Andrew Chorley

Mrs Louise Bonney

Mrs Teresa Griggs

Miss Kim Hague

Mrs Sarah Hooper

Mrs Claire Sobuscinska

Mr Sam Lead

Mrs Lizzie Bradford

Mrs Cheryl Caley

Mrs Sue Kilgour

Mrs Tina Croad

Mrs Jose Gilbert

Subject Technicians

Mr James Boyle:  Senior Science Technician

Mrs Jo Compton:  Science 

Mrs Jenny Saxby:  Food

Mrs Andrea Ware:  Textiles

Mr Billy Johnson:  DT

Catering Team

Miss Sarah Bingham: Catering Manager

Mrs Michelle Bostock

Mrs Carla Clane

Mrs Maria Collins

Miss Tina Maher

Mrs Lucy Reeves


Mrs Rachel Reeves:  Operations Manager

Mrs Caroline Bailey:  HR Administrator

Mrs Claire Botto:  Admissions Officer

Mrs Rosanna Chadwick:  Educational Visits

Mrs Jill Dawson:  Deputy Safeguard Lead

Mrs Brenda Goodman:  Attendance Officer

Mrs Louisa Krzyzosiak:  Careers Coordinator & Librarian

Mrs Kaye Harrison:  Student Mentor & Head of House

Miss Jade Orton:  Reception

Mrs Lisa Ware:  Examinations Officer

Mrs Carmen Winter:  Student Services

Mrs Jenna Young:  Data Systems Coordinator

Site Team

Mr Luke Newton:  Site Manager

Mr Ryan Gibbs

Mrs Asia Smolak

Mr Chris Adkins

Transport Team

Mr Matt Webley:  MLP Transport Manager

Mr Bill Reeves

Mr Malcolm Dean

Mr Jef Johnson

Mr Brian Mamone


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