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Our Values


Being Trafalgar

Our values define us and underpin our ambition of a life fulfilled through empowerment.

I am

Strong & Spirited

I am


I am


I am Compassionate

I am


I am


I believe that, as an individual and within a community, I am in charge of my own destiny and I have the power to change the world, both for others and for myself.  I am self-motivated.

I look for opportunities every day to serve other people and to make the world just that little bit better, in whatever way I can.  By doing this I improve my own self-worth.  I understand the importance of civic responsibility, of being a positively contributing member of society.

I do not give up, even if the road gets tough.  I am resilient, I persevere and I achieve my goals.  I understand that commitment to a long term goal is the key to a successful and fulfilled life and gives me roots.

I care about others and myself and I understand that sometimes people need our support.

I realise that everyone has talents and gifts and should be respected.  I expect that both for and from myself.  I listen to others and I am courteous.  I am socially confident and I understand the importance of self-regulation.

I understand that difference is a positive thing and that no one way is always the right one.  I am tolerant of others and expect the same towards me.

Environmental Responsibility

As a community we both understand and accept our responsibilities for the environment.  Our Great Green Charter demonstrates our commitment to global citizenship and sustainability.

Great Green Charter.jpg

Our Great Green Charter

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