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Destinations: Year 11 Leavers 2017
The Trafalgar School’s Careers Statement.
Please click here for a list of the local Colleges and Sixth Form Open Events 2018 2019.

Below is a summary of the advice we offer:

Contact Our Careers Advisor Polly Wiggins
Not sure what jobs will suit you? Try completing the ‘Job Explorer Database’ (JED) Link

National Careers Service
Helping you take the next step.

eClips Careers Information

Informed Choices
(The Russell Group of Universities)


Fast Tomato
Students will be introduced to ‘Fast Tomato’ Careers resource in year 9

A good programme of Careers Education helps young people to develop the skills and knowledge they will need to thrive in further education and beyond. As the statutory guidance for schools on career guidance makes clear, a planned programme of ‘careers activities’ also supports the delivery of career guidance by the school’s independent Careers Advisor. This Careers Education Programme has been designed with reference to the up-to-date and streamlined Association for Careers Education and Guidance (ACEG) Framework, and should further the school’s compliance with Careers Education standards. The Careers Education Programme works to promote the three key areas of career learning:

• self-development (including personal growth and aspirations);
• career exploration (including learning about jobs and the world of work);
• career management (including developing the skills and knowledge for career self-efficacy).

The Careers Education programme is taught through dedicated off-timetable Areas of Interaction [AoI] Days and through delivery of Careers Education in PHSE lessons and ‘micro-sessions’ in tutor time.

Year 7
The following programme of 1 hour sessions is delivered by teachers during weekly PHSE lessons during terms 1 &2. The focus is on understanding themselves:
1. Worries?
2. Meeting our needs
3. Friends should…
4. Reflecting on our new group
5. What makes a great lesson?
6. Managing homework
7. How am I coping?
8. My Progress

Year 8
The following programme of 1 hour sessions is delivered by teachers during weekly PHSE lessons:
1. What is work?
2. Why work?
3. Getting to know me
4. Things I can do
5. Who works here?
6. What do I know about work?
6a. I don’t want to!
7. Strengths & weaknesses
8. Jobs around the globe

Year 9
The following programme of 1 hour sessions is delivered by teachers during weekly PHSE lessons:
1. Intro to careers
2. Decide for yourself
3. Sexism in careers
4. Jobs for the boys
5. Making up your own mind
6. Changing your mind
7. Choosing your KS4 subjects
8. Transferrable skills
9. Fast Tomato

Year 10
The following themes are delivered by tutors in tutor periods during terms 1 & 2:
1. Self-awareness
2. Work interests
3. Uncertainty
4. Application forms: what are Post-16 providers/employers looking for?

Year 11
The following programme of 1 hour sessions is delivered by teachers during fortnightly PHSE lessons:
1. Personal information
2. Covering letters
3. CVs
4. CVs
5. Interviews – Body language
6. Interviews – First impressions
7. Fast Tomato

Areas of Interaction days and other events:
Year 7: Who am I?
Year 8: School for the Future
Year 9: Work Shadowing; Options process; University visit
Year 10: Study Flex day; Careers IAG parents’ evening
Year 11: Post-16 ‘Futures Fair’; University visit; Study skills day

NB: Additional visits to universities and sixth form providers occur during the year for small groups of Year 9 and Year 10 students in addition to assemblies with a variety of visiting speakers.

Phil Sutton (Assistant Headteacher) is our member of the Senior Leadership Team with responsibility for Careers. 

Debbie Ford is our Transition Co-ordinator. She has an office in Reception and is available for students to drop in and talk through any questions they may have or to book a 1:1 interview with our Careers Advisor. 

Polly Wiggins is our independent Careers Advisor; she regularly comes into school to provide 1:1 careers guidance interviews with students. This service is available to all students in school. Her diary is kept by Debbie Ford – do please book an appointment with Polly through her.

Vanessa Taylor is our Careers Librarian. She is based in the Resource Centre where we have a very well stocked library of up to date careers information, along with prospectuses for Post-16 Colleges and Sixth Forms, Universities and further education establishments. Do please use the Library at break and lunchtimes to research any career choices you may be considering. We are very happy to loan resources to you, for you to take home and involve your parents in any options you are considering.  As you would expect, the widest and most up to date information can be found on-line.

  • Click here to visit a simple, but accessible, site which is run by an independent careers advisor.
  • To find out more about the timetable for changes to GCSEs and AS/A Levels, broken down by a student’s current year of study, click here

Phil Sutton, Assistant Headteacher, leads our Post 16 and Careers support and you can contact him on 01725 550300 or via email.

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