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Our Purpose

Empowering young people to be the source of their own success is our commitment in enabling our students towards a life fulfilled.

Our Vision for Young People

By the time they leave our school our young people will be able to communicate effectively.  They will be able to solve mathematical and scientific problems.  They will be able to express themselves creatively and imaginatively.  They will have a strong sense of self, a sense of others and a sense of place.  They will make informed choices that effect positively on their own wellbeing.  They will ask questions, be reflective and adaptive; capable of thinking and acting for themselves and ready to join forces with others to achieve a goal.  They will be positive in their mind-set and willing to face up to a challenge.  They will be active and healthy in mind and in body.  Our students will have a keen care for their environment and feel a close connection with their natural world.  Our young people will understand what is right and what is wrong, and stand up for equality and human rights.  They will appreciate other cultures and traditions.  Our young people will be thoughtful, caring and active citizens making a difference to their community and to society.

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Acting Headteacher's

It is a privilege to be the Acting Headteacher of The Trafalgar School at Downton, a founding member of the Magna Learning Partnership.  A school at the heart of its community on the edge of Salisbury and the New Forest.  The Trafalgar School has a well-deserved reputation for both high-quality teaching and pastoral care, leading to academic success for all.

Great people, great teaching, great outcomes are hallmarks of our school as we strive to empower young people towards a life fulfilled. 


Our collective Vision for Young People is what drives us and our values of strength and spirit, giving, determination, compassion, enthusiasm, trust, respect and open-mindedness are what define us.

We are a happy school, a school that works in partnership with young people and their families.  A school where all are welcomed and feel like they belong.  A school where young people thrive and flourish.

Don't take my word for it.  Pay us a visit.

Jonny Cole

Acting Headteacher

Welcome to The Trafalgar School at Downton

Welcome to The Trafalgar School at Downton

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