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House System

We are very proud of our House system at The Trafalgar School. Each student is assigned to a House on their entry to the school. There are five Houses named after notable places local to the school: Breamore, Clarendon, Longford, Pembroke and Radnor. The Houses, through their Tutors and Heads of House, support students both academically and pastorally.

Form Tutors stay with their group as they move through the School, this enables Tutors to build up a close rapport with students, parents and carers. Inter-House competition is encouraged and celebration is a huge focus of the work of the House. Each House assembles once a week and this provides an opportunity for both attainment and achievement to be celebrated. In addition, Tutors perform the valuable role of challenging and mentoring their Tutees academically.

For those of you that have been lucky enough to be placed in Breamore in Year 7 2017, I look forward to getting to know all of you and seeing what you can do.  To those of you in Years 8, 9, 10 and 11, I look forward to seeing you continue to develop and progress in the next school year.

In Breamore, every student is expected to do their bit and participate in the many House events that run throughout the year, whether it be our Inter-House sports events, the House Music Festival or the recently formed Maths Challenge.

As Head of Breamore I do all that I can, along with the great Tutor team, to make sure your children are happy in school and have all they need to achieve their true potential, while they are with us.  Our standards are high and all Breamore students are expected to look their best, try their hardest and treat others with respect; this will be our ultimate recipe for success.

2016-2017 was a very successful year for Breamore.  We are the current House Music and Inter-House Sports Champions after winning Inter-House dodgeball, benchball, handball, rounders and football competitions! Breamore students have worked hard over the past year to claim these titles and we look forward to defending them in 2017-2018!


Year 7 Breamore:    Sue Brook

Year 8 Breamore:    Penny Winbolt

Year 9 Breamore:    Alastair Barker

Year 10 Breamore:  Anna Doran & Lynne Sykes

Year 11 Breamore:   Lizzie Guasch



Welcome to Clarendon; your 2017 Sports Day, House Charity Cup and House Tricks Cup winners!!! That’s right we did the treble!

The only word I could use to describe this year would be proud!  Proud of the students need to help others, their commitment to working and all the progress they have made. It really has been a year to celebrate.  However there is no time to rest and gloat on what has been, we must push on and strive to achieve even more (the inter house cup, inter house music and newly formed inter house math’s challenge are still up for grabs).

After last year’s amazing success of raising over £3000 for Salisbury Hospice and MacMillan Cancer Trust, we have this year made our focus The British Heart Foundation and hope to raise an even greater amount.

As Head of Clarendon, I look forward to working closely with all those in my House and expect 100% effort from all involved, including myself. It is expected that being a part of Clarendon means you work to the best of your ability in all aspects and do not quit.

Working alongside me are my fantastic team of tutors and Year 11 Prefects and Year 10 Vice Prefects.

Year 7 Clarendon Tutor:           Andy Cleeter
Year 8 Clarendon Tutor:           Andy Ettery
Year 9 Clarendon Tutor:           James Doran
Year 10: Clarendon Tutor:       Carole Ann Carmichael
Year 11: Clarendon Tutor:       Emma Cole

Year 11 Prefect Team:

Megan Street
Lily Glover
Ellie Kent
Tom Beckles
Ben Tupper

Paul Oakley
Head of Clarendon House


Head of House: Kaz Armstrong

Each year our students choose which charities they will support for the year ahead and every year they raise an incredible amount for charity.

The students vote in September for the charity they will support for this academic year and the main fundraising activity will be the Sponsored Walk on Friday 6th October.

Hello, my name is Tom Pollard and I am the Head of House for Pembroke!

Created in September 2016, Pembroke is the newest of the five houses.  The need for a new House was the direct result of our school becoming more popular than ever before: because so many Year 6s in the local area wanted to come to Trafalgar, we had to make room for them.  Thus Pembroke House was born!

At the moment, we have just two year groups in our fledgling house: Years 7 and 8.  However, all of our competitions are weighted to account for this.  Despite our small size, we are one of the loudest to cheer on Sports Day and still managed to raise a respectable sum for our chose House charity, which this year was Naomi House & Jack’s Place.

Pembroke House is a very close-knit community full of students who strive to achieve their very best.  Each day when they come to school, Pembroke students aspire to the following:

A Pembroke Student …

  • … will think before they speak and look before they leap.
  • … strives for their very best in everything they do.
  • … is kind, considerate and a fierce friend to those around them.
  • … leads when others follow.
  • … is someone whose behaviour is unfalteringly good: with no exceptions.

If you think you demonstrate these qualities, perhaps Pembroke House is for you!

Hello, my name is Brenda Goodman and I am the Head of Radnor House.

Radnor students work hard and like our House symbol, the mythical ‘red dragon’, we are a tenacious crew in pursuit of excellence across the complete range of school activities.

We value our strong bonds of friendship, forged through 5 years spent in our House tutor groups.  We share our successes and celebrate together our achievements, both in school and the wider community.  I am proud to have worked with our students over the past 2 years to fund raise for the Teenage Cancer Trust and Diabetes UK.  These charities were originally suggested by our students as they recognise and value the work of each charity and the direct impact it has had on their family and friends.

In Radnor House we always look forward to welcoming new students, we can promise we will offer you our full support to allow you to express your talents in the diverse range of Inter-House competitions.  At Trafalgar we have House activities in almost all of the curriculum areas, so there is always something for everyone to be able to showcase their talents!


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