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The Core Purpose of the Trafalgar School at Downton is that all students achieve their best possible academic and personal success. This cannot be achieved unless students fully engage with all aspects of Homework. The School’s Mission Statement makes it clear that our students will be the source of their own success.

Homework is an essential aspect of student progress at The Trafalgar School. It increases the learning time and the learning opportunities for our students, helps them to explore and develop a range of skills and helps students to establish a disciplined approach to their learning, it empowers the students to be the source of their own success and enables the school timetable to offer as broad a range of subject experiences as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Homework please contact Phil Sutton, Assistant Headteacher:

For Year 7 Takeaway Homework Click Here

For Year 8 Takeaway Homework Click Here

For Year 9 Takeaway Homework Click Here

For Regular Homework please logon to SLG, to logon Click Here

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