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The importance of transition lies in its potential to prepare students for the next phase of their educational journey, in a productive, collective and enjoyable way.

We have a dedicated Transition Coordinator, Debbie Ford, whose objective is to ensure that each child feels involved and has a sense of ownership of the process – they don’t feel as if this is something that is imposed upon them – they have a sense of control.

Our Transition and Induction programme begins in earnest at the beginning of March, when we receive the list of students joining The Trafalgar School in the following September. Students and parents will receive letters and postcards, providing them with information about what to expect over the coming months.

During May, every student in their primary school setting can expect a visit from Debbie.  The purpose of these visits is to guide students through their transition and induction programme, set expectations about what is involved when they move to secondary school and, most importantly, to begin to develop a relationship with our school, its staff and students.

At the beginning of July we welcome our incoming Year 7 to Induction Day and the Welcome Fair.  We also offer a programme of additional transition sessions during June, for students who we, or their primary schools, feel would benefit from extra support.

Debbie continues her close involvement with our new Year 7s, when they arrive in September.

Research* has shown that the psychological impact of transition between primary and secondary education can have a profound and longstanding effect on the development and life chances of children – it must, therefore, be outstanding.

* Every Child Matters (DFES, 2003)

You can email Debbie Ford here with any questions you may have regarding our transition process.

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