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SEND – Code of Practice

As of 1st September 2014 there is a new Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs. Schools are required to publish details of their provision for students with special educational needs and /or disability in an SEND report. There are several major changes of which you need to be aware.

The categories of School Action and School Action Plus cease to exist and there is a single category entitled SEN support. Statements will convert to an Education, Health and Care Plan which will lead to increased working together of these agencies. There will be a transition period until 2017 to allow statements to be moved across on to the new Code of Practice.

Initially you will probably notice very little difference if your child receives support, but as the system embeds, there will be an even greater opportunity for parents to work with the school and to discuss the way forward for their child. Identification procedures for new students will involve a greater level of discussion with parents as well.

There will also be even closer working relationships between the class teacher and the Learning Support Department and an increased focus on the work of the teaching assistants to lead small groups when required. The first step for any student will be quality first teaching within a mainstream classroom and that will also be the end goal of any support given- making them independent learners when they leave us.

We welcome this new legislation as a time to reinvigorate our procedures and processes and to work closely with our students and their parents and carers to ensure that they can achieve their best possible academic and personal success.

Click here to visit our Policies page for our SEND Policy and SEND Information Report.

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