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Exam Results

More of the new 9 grades were received by Trafalgar students.  The school is very pleased that the progress students made against those nationally across their best 8 subjects, is above average (+0.142).

Results National Average Achieved in August 2018 Guidance
Basics measure:  Grade 9 – 4 in Mathematics and English 52% Summer 2017 results:  Basics 9 – 4 was 71%
Grade 4 + in Mathematics 59% 57% The new Grade 4 is defined by the DfE as a “good pass”
Grade 4 + in English Language 62% 62%
Grade 4 + in English Literature 73%
Grade 5 + in Mathematics 40.3% 36.4% The new Grade 5 is defined by the DfE as a “strong pass”
Grade 5 + in English Language 44.6% 36%
Grade 5 + in English Literature 55.5%

The school had many outstanding individual achievements. Top performers were Ella Fishlock with five 9s , one 8 and four 7s, Stefan Freeson with eight 8s and two 7s and Greg Emerick with  one 9, three 8s, three 7s and two 6s.

An ecstatic Ella Fishlock said, “I am obviously very pleased with my results!  I put in a lot of hard work to achieve them and I would like to say a big thank you to all of the staff at Trafalgar.”

Subjects which performed superbly at 9-4 in this year’s GCSEs were Art (87%), Chemistry (76%), Biology (88%), Physics (72%), PE (87%), Food and Nutrition (100%), Beliefs, Values and Traditions (71%), and Health and Fitness (100%).

Our culture of excellence and support for all students was exemplified by the performance of Pupil Premium students.  The nationally recognised “gap” in performance of these students is reversed at Trafalgar with Pupil Premium students making marginally better progress than their peers.

Headteacher Stewart Roderick said “Congratulations to our outgoing Year 11.  Their hard work and dedication has led to them making very strong progress over their time at Trafalgar. They have taken advantage of the excellent teaching and support at our school to achieve their potential. I must also extend my thanks and congratulations to the parents, carers and families who supported our students throughout their five years with us.”

(National figures used from

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