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About Us

The Trafalgar School at Downton is a school with very high standards, expecting our staff to be exemplary professionals and encouraging our students to do everything in their power to make the most of their individual qualities.

Academic achievement is the most obvious and important priority here, our aim to do all that we can to ensure our students fulfil their academic potential, not least so that those who leave us have the opportunity to go on to the further education of their choice.

We are a school that prides itself on the nurturing of an ethos and spirit rooted in the school’s family atmosphere. Believing in education as a means of enhancing career and life prospects we believe in the pursuit of academic rigour; we believe in the promotion of compassion, tolerance and diversity; we believe in developing independent, confident, curious, lifelong learners who commit themselves to helping others as well as themselves. This is what motivates us in our work throughout every school day.

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