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Assemblies provide the opportunity for the whole School, a House or other groups within the school to reflect together on issues of spiritual, moral, cultural or social importance. They are a time of creative calm when individuals can have their own self-worth reinforced.

Assemblies emphasise the School community’s collective strength and value. They provide an opportunity to celebrate our successes and consider options when things go wrong. Assemblies reinforce our Pillars, Core Purpose and Mission Statement, sometimes explicitly and always implicitly. Assemblies also reinforce excellent attitudes and high expectations of all in our School. To maximise impact, assemblies are interesting and inspirational.

We hold Celebration Assemblies, House Assemblies and ad hoc assemblies for specific purposes.

The Celebration Assembly is held termly and is an opportunity for the whole school community to celebrate the successes and achievements of the previous term.

House assemblies are frequently celebratory, focus on big questions and provide a very good opportunity to incorporate student involvement and performance, show-casing individual and group talents; they support individuals in the House, engender team spirit and promote healthy competition between Houses.

Ad hoc assemblies are almost always information giving eg: presentations to Year 11 from a Post-16 provider.

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