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The School is committed to being a conscientious member of its community. Community is a Pillar of our School and the School recognises the role it should play within our local, national and international society.

In September each House coordinates an election across all students and staff, who vote for the charity which they would like to support throughout the academic year.  All fundraising events go towards supporting these elected charities. Each House has a Charity Committee which decides on the way funds are raised and allocated.

During 2016/17 we will be supporting the following charities chosen by each House;

Breamore House charity is Ovacome 

Ovacome is a charity which provides information to people who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  It also gives support to their families and is involved in research.  This charity is of great significance to many staff in the school because our former Head of Radnor House suffered with ovarian cancer and passed away in January 2014.  We are really proud that Breamore have chosen this very worthwhile cause.

Clarendon House are supporting two charities Macmillan Cancer Care and Salisbury Hospice 

Macmillan Cancer Care provide support and information for people suffering from cancer and their families, as well as making it easier for people to stay in their own homes with their Macmillan nurses.  They are involved in many high profile campaigns and team up with national partners to maximise their fundraising.  9C have put in a special request to raise money for Salisbury Hospice in memory of Tom Moss’ mum who very sadly passed away this year.  They feel it would be a fitting tribute to a wonderful woman and we as a school are very pleased to support this.

Longford House charity is CLEVAH (Creating Learning Experiences Available at Hospital)

CLEVAH is a very new charity, only set up this year by the parents of Maddy Cruxton. Maddy was a Year 11 student in a local school who died of cancer last year.  She suffered from the age of 3 and so her school life was blighted by stays in hospital.  This charity is designed to give children in hospital more exciting learning experiences and help them stay in touch with their learning.

Pembroke House charity is Naomi House and Jack’s Place

Naomi House is a Wiltshire based hospice providing care and support for families with a child suffering from a life limiting condition.  It is, however, a place of fun and laughter with amazing facilities which relies hugely on its fundraising to survive.  As the inaugural Pembroke charity we cannot think of a better one to support.

Radnor House charity is Diabetes UK 

Diabetes UK is the largest research charity into this common but very serious disease.  We have several students in school who are diabetic and we are keen to raise awareness of the signs, symptoms and treatments of diabetes.  Radnor feels that this can be achieved by linking with such a high profile and important charity.


During the 2015/2016 academic year our School raised £3,000 for each of the following four charities;

The Stars Appeal
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Welly Walk
Teenage Cancer Trust

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