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Raising Standards Leaders

What is a Raising Standards Leader?

Raising Standards Leaders (RSLs) ensure that students make excellent progress across our curriculum and work with groups and individuals to ensure that barriers to progress are removed.  RSLs are experienced teachers with a wealth of knowledge about improving student achievement.  They coordinate with all teachers and parents to make sure academic standards at our school are always improving and no student is left unsupported.

Students may work with an RSL one to one, or as part of a small group over a period of time.  The RSL closely monitors their learning, attendance, equipment, behaviour and effort.  They will support them with homework and ensure that any gaps in knowledge are filled in, so that the student is back on track.



Lynne Sykes, Raising Standards Leader, Year 7

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Mark Whitelock, Raising Standards Leader, Year 8

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Jo Holden, Raising Standards Leader, Year 9

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Nicola Borras, Raising Standards Leader, Year 10

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Jonny Cole, Raising Standards Leader, Year 11

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