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Exam Results

GCSE success for Trafalgar students

The school is once again celebrating excellent GCSE results.   Half the cohort achieved at least 1 A* or A including a number of students achieving the New Grade 9, reserved for the top 2-3% of grades awarded nationally in English and Mathematics.  The commitment of the students and staff as a whole was also evident in the individual subject results, with the majority of departments achieving 70-90% A*-C passes.

Results National Average Achieved in August 2017 Guidance
Basics measure:  Grade 9 – 4 in Mathematics and English 71% Summer 2016 results:  Basics 9 – 4 was 61%
Grade 4 + in Mathematics 68.9% 79% The new Grade 4 is defined by the DfE as a “good pass”
Grade 4 + in English Language 64.9% 80%
Grade 4 + in English Literature 72.0%
Grade 5 + in Mathematics 48.1% 47% The new Grade 4 is defined by the DfE as a “strong pass”
Grade 5 + in English Language 48% 51%
Grade 5 + in English Literature 54.8% 63%


The school had many outstanding individual achievements. Top performers were Neve Durston-Hillyer with 2 grade 9s, 6A*s and 2As, Charles Fernando with 1 grade 9, 7A*s and 2As, Sophie Auras with 1 grade 9, 5 A*s and 4 As, Vincent Nolan with 3 A*s, 6 As and 1B and Maia Gyepi-Garbrah with 2A*s, 6As and 2Bs.  Other notable performances were in evidence from Verity Borras, Joshua Shearing, Katie Jarman and Matthew Fergusson.

Other subjects which performed superbly at A*-C in this year’s GCSEs were Art (90%), Chemistry (86%), Biology (88%), Physics (86%), Geography (81.7%), Food and Nutrition (80%), Computer Technology (78.9%%) and Media Studies (76.3%).

Our culture of excellence and support for all students was exemplified by the performance of Pupil Premium students.  The nationally recognised “gap” in performance of these students is reversed at Trafalgar with Pupil Premium students posting a marginally better performance at Basics 9 – 4 and Basics 9 – 5 than their peers.

Headteacher Stewart Roderick said, “We are extremely proud of our students’ achievements which is the result of their hard work and 5 years of dedicated support and challenge from our teaching and support staff.  We are particularly pleased for the students given the volatility and change within the curriculum and assessment system that they have had to endure.  I must also extend my thanks and congratulations to the parents, carers and families who supported our students throughout their five years at The Trafalgar School.”

Mr and Mrs Durston-Hillyer, parents of a Year 11 student wrote to us saying “We wanted to say a massive thank you for all the support, encouragement and of course excellent teaching that you have provided over the last 2 years and which have helped her to achieve her outstanding GCSE results. We could not have been more delighted with her results which exceeded all our expectations.  We particularly appreciate all the effort that went into supporting the students in their preparation for the exams with extra after school sessions etc. – we have no doubt that going the extra mile with these will have made a huge difference.

We always felt confident in our choice of school, but her results have certainly been a vindication of that choice and she has absolutely loved her time at Trafalgar. That has been in no small measure down to the fantastic teaching which has stretched and challenged her and enabled her to reach her full potential, whilst at the same time providing a nurturing and supportive environment that has seen her mature and flourish into a confident young person.”


 (National figures used from

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